Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Growing in the Lord

The Faith Question

How do you feel about your own relationship with God? For example, do you think God is answering your prayers? What is the most important NEW thing you have learned about God?

My Answer

Over the year, I have seen an increase in my understanding of Him and thus have started appreciating His grace in my life more. Very recently this understanding has also enabled me to help my closest friend realise the seeds of bitterness that had crept into her life and were keeping her from realising His grace.

My church life has also taken a surprising and positive turn. I have joined a small New Life congression near my house, in within a month, I am part of the worship team. I have also been able to connect to the messages being delivered by the Pastor. Praying that this time, my church experience will be from wholesome.

I had already mentioned the amount of success at work. Please pray that He sustains this phase.

In a nutshell...YES...God is anwering my prayers. After all the ups and down I have had in my personal life, my family will be meeting my prospective fiance's family this Thursday to discuss engagement plans. Please keep us in prayer.

...Whole in One

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