Monday, May 01, 2006

Curiosity about God

The Faith Question

What do you think was the reason the Pharisees came to see John? How do we show we are curious about God today? In what ways can curiosity about God be beneficial to us today?

My Answer

In my opinion, the Pharisees would have come to see John for a couple of reasons:

  1. Curiousity - To find out who was this 'voice in the desert'. If there was any substance in what he was preaching. The Pharises were well read and they too could see the resemblence between John and Elijah.
  2. Hope - Since there had been no prophet for 400 years since Malachai. There would have been a sincere effort by the Pharises to verify the authenticity of John's claim that he was a witness of God.
  3. Malicious Intent - Was there anything they could learn about John's ministry? Could they use that knowledge to subvert it if it went against their interest.

There are a few ways we express our curiousity for GOD -

  1. Reading religious publications like local church journals
  2. Attending Bible studies, having discussions on theological themes
  3. Reflecting on the national and global events that have serious religious overtones
  4. Most importantly, reading from the Bible, which is the best source for information on the nature of God

With a serious increase in information 'overload' it is very easy for people, especially young , impressional minds to be influenced by the negativity that is present in popular media. Curiosity for God gives people an avenue to access devine and moral codes that allow them to sieve out the unwanted content that they are exposed and live a holistic life.

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