Sunday, August 06, 2006

Apostle's Witness

The Faith Question

What do you think about the written report that we have from the eyewitnesses of Jesus? Do you think they are trustworthy today?

My Answer

Yes, the eyewitness accounts of the apostles are true. They have been corroborated by historians (both secular and Christians) throughout the ages.

I was having an interesting debate about this with a friend. He mentioned that if the accounts weren't true, the apostles wouldn't have died for it... To which I retorted that by that logic, all the fundamentalist suicide bombers would also justify their faiths. But his response was truly amazing. He said that the Jehadis believe in the preaching of their faith and can easily misunderstand what is being written, But the Christian apostles were present to verify the truth. If they wouldn't have seen these things with their own eyes, they would have have gone to their deaths without giving up there faith.

Awesome isn't it ...

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